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As the low chanting voice drifted softly across the sea of people, Eskon flowed gently with the crowd. He absorbed the peaceful aura that engulfed him and all those around him He basked in its warmth, letting his senses submerge in the comfort of oneness. As he looked at the contented faces around him, he smiled. They said it all; we are one, we are brothers, sisters and we are all. This was the climax of the festival, with the backdrop of the soft red sky and the deep rhythmic chanting of the holy men filling the air with serenity and understanding.

Feeling a light touch on his shoulder, he turned round to see who had recalled him from his reverie. He smiled. He was confronted by such a vision of beauty that his breath caught momentarily, sending shivers of adrenaline down his spine. Her face was calm, muted and her eyes shone with joy and ecstasy. Saying nothing he closed his hands gently around hers, the warmth in them emanating through him, with small sparks of love like electricity making them vibrate. They looked at each other, eyes drawing closer and closer – the promise of heaven exchanged if only for a moment. They drifted like this for eternity, amongst a sea of humanity all sharing the same ancient dance  unaware of anything but the merging of souls in a breathless kiss. They drank deep of each other.

Everyone was locked in their own private dance, insular, a kaleidoscope multiplying through the immense crowd. Sounds whispered across them all as they all shared love, madness and hope. All this was enough to convey a deep and spiritual sense of peace that swelled each heart and freed the minds of all. A single cry broke the silence, a joyful moan of release that triggered a wave of like minds to share alike the euphoric call and when it passed, the gentle lapse into calmness once more.

Dania lay, sated, relaxed and alive. Her loved had flowed freely and with complete ease of mind looked over at her lover. Eskon smiled warmly and left silently, stopping just long enough to kiss her once delicately before moving off into the crowd. As he moved though them he saw his own fulfillment

mirrored on numberless faces.  He heard a familiar voice coming to him over the sounds of contentment, “Eskon, Eskon.” said the voice.

He turned to greet his brother, who was making his way gently through the mass of still entwined bodies.

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