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“Oslan,” he said warmly, “How are you my Brother?” The keeper of the voice had flowed through the crowd to stand before Eskon. His face flushed with release as he gave the greeting.

“I am well, “came the reply.

“Love and peace to you Oslan,” he said, smiling at his friend.

“Be cool and dig, “came Oslan’s reply.

The two friends stood comfortably together, neither felt rushed or compelled to make conversation, time was plentiful and it was enough now to just bask in the glorious afterglow of the release. As they stood side by side their auras merged smoothly, each waited, without impatience for the fullness of time to bring more words forth.

Finally it was Oslan who broke the silence, “It was indeed a groovy festival this year’s end.”  

His eyes searched the vast moving landscape of people as his friend replied, “I agree and dig your calm words. All is love this night and there is love for all, as my love for you is great my friend.”

No embarrassment was felt and Oslan replied in kind, “Your words bring me great happiness, as all is indeed love. Look out there Eskon; see the love that fills the land as nature reciprocates our love for here and all brothers and sisters.”

“A rich bounty indeed,” said Eskon.

They lapsed again into a companionable silence. After a while of smooth contemplation they parted, completing the ancient circle of the ritual with a gentle embrace. Then both disappeared into the seething crowd to enjoy greetings and embraces from more joyful companions. Now this sea of feeling, of people enraptured and blissful started flowing as one towards a common destination. 

The Grand Finale was about to begin and in the far distance a shrine illuminated by brilliant lights, shone out into the crowd from the bottom on a gentle incline. The mass flowed down towards the beacons, expectant, hushed as each person moved onwards towards the light. As the light faded further, brighter shone the lights, each urging the followers to come and embrace the light, be as one until finally the sea broke gently against the shrine.

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