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The mood of expectation hung pregnant in the must evening light. The silence fell like a heavy blanket, starting from the shore back into the depths of the throng. The moment stretched, the mood with it until, finally a chanting boomed across the shallow valley. Slow, languid and deep at first, then gradually increasing the tempo and volume. It focused the one-mind; each face mirrored the ecstasy of their neighbor as the calling grew. Gently the crowd pressed towards the front of the shrine, as one they moved, shoulder to shoulder with no tension only certainty that the prophets were nearly here. The lights dimmed, the crowd fell once more silent. As the lights broke into a brilliant dawn of chaotic colour, a moan of pleasure escaped a million flushed throats. Then, they where there, the prophets stood evenly spaced across the length of the shrine. Dark faces in robes of white, anonymous to all but the blinding light of their presence familiar, comforting. The lights at the foot of the shrine were now intense, like a glowing shore of burning light, bordering an immense sea of humanity.

The mass flowed ever closer, now beginning to emit its own low buzz of excitement. As far as the mind could see people began to sway to and fro. The swaying started to become more pronounced as the tempo increased, rippling towards the foot of the shrine. In their thousands they swept forward to the foot of the lighted shore as one, following the fragrant music that vibrated through the clouds. The one-mind was intent only on gaining the sanctuary of that brilliant, dancing light.

Then the hallucinations started. Eskon who was flowing with the throng could feel , see and taste every molecule in the void throb and pulsate to the primal voice of the one-spirit. He tasted creation, he was watching the beginning of the universe, and he was the universe. He looked towards the shrine; the beauty of it spoke to the deepest part of him. The powerful lights now sent trailers of heaven-light wherever he roamed, he cried, the brilliance was too beautiful in its simplicity to bear watching.

All were now entranced in the fever of wonderment; their one unifying thought sent into the void begged the prophets to speak. They began to chant in unison, an ancient wanting fuelled them, their desire flooded the shrine reverberating through everything, emanating upwards to the sky and beyond, filling the world and warming the mind.

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