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In counterpoint a dis-chord, a brief homage to those once lost within a brutal society that had created beauty in sound and words, but had also developed pain and suffering into a mechanical brilliance, chimed once.  The one-spirit relived and paid homage to the changing consciousness that had, so long ago, taken the first faltering steps down the infinite road.

Eskon wearily surveyed the mass, his own soul drained from the emotional outpouring. Some sang, others, scholars of the new-mind, prayed openly to their God. Many held hands and swayed gently to the music which now softened to a gentler sweeping pace. All was love, all was joyous and peace filled their hearts.

His own heart was swelled with a tulmet of emotions as he wondered if the ancients had felt all that he was a part of now. He hoped they had, for on this very spot two hundred years ago they had baptized this place with 3 days of peace and love and the dream of one-ness, togetherness of hearts and minds. It was the catalyst for change that had evolved into the benevolent life they all now led. He lay back on the muddy ground, felt the warmth of those around him and the contentment of all those that prayed.

The calm and wonder he now felt, he gave thanks to the swirling mass of invention overhead, which now slowly began to fade. He whispered a quiet thank you as he watched his words float upwards towards the heavens. He wished them luck on their journey home and as he slowly closed his eyes he heard the wind, cry, Mary.


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