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She was dressed in the same dressing gown, “I didn’t think there was much point in changing into anything else.”

Dan looked greedily at her, “Come here and have a drink with me.” “Not my taste at all really, all this,” she swept her hand round the room indicating the pictures and sculptures that littered the walls. “But he did like to collect,” she paused, “Things. Women most of all.”

“What do you mean?” Said Dan.

He was starting to feel a little flushed, even though he’s only had one small drink. He felt tired and the room was getting warmer as he slumped lower and lower, watching Belle move her way slowly towards him.

“Oh you know, the usual. Powerful man of a certain age gets what he wants, always gets what he wants, fucks some young whore whilst trophy wife at home knows nothing!”

She stood directly in front of him, talking loudly at him, her stance aggressive. She’s really pissed off he thought.

As she bent closer to him he saw her face was flushed red, a warm post coital glow at her throat transfixed him as the rest of the room blurred at the edge of his vision. He was slumping further down by the minute, trying to remember how much he’s drunk.

He tried to talk, “Hummm,” was all he could manage.

“Why Dan are you drunk? Are you even listening.” She glared at him, her face inches from his.

“Drink more, that will solve everything, or at least make this all feel a bit better.”

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