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“You have a nice smile.” She said. It sounded uncensored, like something you’d say after a couple of drinks.

“ I was just thinking that’s also my stop.” He gave her the full advantage of his charm.

She looked at him, a brief look of cold appraisal clouded her innocent face for a brief instant. Dan looked closer at her, an open honest face with wide green eyes and  hair that had the carefully cultured just climbed out of bed look.

They smiled almost coyly at each other. The game had changed and they both knew it and there was nothing Dan liked better than a good chase. He looked out of the window, the rain still tracked crazy patterns down the glass, a brief flicker of lights from outside highlighted the murky streets below the embankment. New buildings flaunted their brightness in the face of older, wiser, architecture.

It  was not a night to be out, but a good one to be tucked up in bed, nice and warm. That was when the challenge really started to excite him, the hunt, the capture and the best part, the power to hurt a women’s ego by letting them know they had been conquered, that was the best part of all.

He wasn’t a bad person, he just liked to see the disappointment turn to self-loathing when they realised they had been used. It had been done to him a few times so he knew what it felt like. But lately it became more important, the reason and not just part of the high.

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