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“ I know, you tried to ignore me for ages. Makes a girl mad!” Again that flirty look and smile, tinged with something else that Dan couldn’t quite place. Danger?

“I’m joking with you silly. I’m Belle.”

“Dan,” he said, holding out his hand before he realised how ridiculous that was.

Belle stared at him, then in one sweeping movement settled into the seat next to him. Their shoulders pressed hard against each other.

“All stress and no trust, is that a way to live a live Dan? My husband was the same, couldn’t trust people. Didn’t trust me.” She said with a faraway look in her eye.

“Well you know how it is,” he trailed of weakly.

“Forget it! Friends should forgive shouldn’t they?”

He wasn’t sure what she was talking about, they’d only known each other a few minutes. She was perceptive indeed, but there seemed to be turmoil on the inside that bubbled over now and again, disconcertingly.

“Er yes. Of course they should Belle.”

She turned to look at him directly, her face close to his, “And you want to be my friend don’t you Dan?”

He smiled at her warmly, “Of course I do Belle.”

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