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That sat for the rest of the journey leant in to each other, talking easily of more mundane things and Dan started to really enjoy her company. Ulterior motives aside she was a great conversationalist and could spin a yarn or two.

As the train slowed she leapt up, “Come on I know a great little place for a drink and a bite.”

He let himself be pulled from the seat and followed her out on the wet platform. The rain was now a fine drizzle that didn’t seem to come from any particular direction and was soft on the exposed skin.

They exited the station and Belle took his arm guiding him on the slick pavement.

“So where’s this great place then? Bandini’s, the Pheasant?”

“Oh no, much better than that,” She said excitedly, “Just you wait and see!”

They walked down the road for a while past many likely spots knew, but Belle seemed determined on a direction and walked on past the bright lights and cosy looking restaurants.

“So where are we going then?”Dan said.

She stopped and turned to face him, “Do you really have to ask Dan, really?”

Just when Dan thought she was sending him on a wild goose chase, they turned into in a quiet cul-de-sac branching off from the main street. The drizzle filled Dan’s eyes making the lights blur in the dimly light road. At the end of the road a detached house sat darkly, save for a porch light trying gamely to light the path that lead to its door.

“Ahh,” he said. Now he understood, “Your place?”

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