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Dan jumped visibly as Belle spoke and the light came on simultaneously.

“Oh,” was all he could manage as he struggled to control his pounding heart.”

“Sorry darling, did I make you jump?”

“A bit,” he admitted sheepishly.

“Straight on down the hall to the left is the lounge, switch immediately to your right. Drinks cabinet on the far wall and rustle me up a large Scotch will you, lots of ice.”

As she turned to go back up the stairs Dan noticed she was profiled against the light of the porch in a sheer white dressing gown. He admired her curves openly and she rewarded him with a coy smile.

“Plenty of time to see more of that,” she said and disappeared up the stairs again.

Dan couldn’t help but begin to feel aroused and alert to the possibilities of the night. All reticence faded as he watched her slowly go back up the stairs, her gown falling open at the front with every upward step. He forced himself to turn and find the lounge, the room, lights and drinks all being where she had directed him to. A big comfortable sofa beckoned and he obeyed, taking their drinks over and placing them on a small side table.

He looked around, he saw that much of the room was taken up with art, sculpture and many bookshelves dotted around the large room.

“My husband liked to collect,” she said, again appearing silently at the door.

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