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Your Souls Demise

Your souls demise

It’s all consuming hate,
These words,
These blind accusations,
Lashing out in rage, at rejections
And the loss of control,
Of the love shared, and broken,
I know your pain,
I feel the heat of your anger,
That drives you on in madness, fury,
You’ve lost the light,
Your days are dark,
your heart cold, where once was joy,
now only reflects the hurt in your eyes,
The arrogance of your way,
Will bring you down
To a place where light never sees,
Where time never heals,
Soon you will be gone, taken over in your ire
To a hollow place,
Where love never heals
And empty voids, rule with impunity,
In the knowledge,
That your soul is lost,

© PG Allen
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